Workers’ deferred wages and retirement savings in Canada amount to over $2 trillion. This money is invested in markets across the globe.

Although workers are the indirect owners of countless public companies, infrastructure projects, real estate, private funds and other assets, they have very little control over how their capital is invested.

The Canadian Capital Stewardship Network (CCSN) is an action-oriented movement of trade union representatives and labour-nominated fund trustees who are committed to mobilizing workers’ capital to uphold the rights of workers, their families and their communities.


Workers’ capital is a tremendous force. By some estimates, a third of the capital circulating in global markets is workers’ capital – workers’ savings and deferred wages. This capital is invested, at times, in companies and projects where workers’ contributions are not valued and workers’ rights are being violated.

Across the world, trade unions and worker-nominated fund trustees are working together to mobilize workers’ capital to uphold workers’ rights and contribute to a just, sustainable economy. The CCSN is part of this effort.

Our work is grounded in a growing body of evidence that shows that the responsible investment of workers’ capital is in line with fiduciary duty and contributes to the long-term sustainable performance of investments.


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